By your side from design to after-sales assistance

In order to meet the growing needs of customers, we’ve undertaken the path towards designing equipment for producing centrifuged reinforced concrete poles.

The B.S.G. technical department designs the formwork and equipment. Thanks to proven experience, the specific needs of the company are identified, providing suitable solutions for the greatest return on investment.

The construction of all B.S.G. systems is subject to the training of the personnel who install the systems and the operators who, over time, will be responsible for the use and routine maintenance of the plants within the company.

The training of the staff who work on the installed system guarantees the correct use of its functions and its duration over time. Furthermore, thorough and careful training is synonymous with the safety of the operators during the various phases of use of the machine.

B.S.G. carries out the maintenance of the delivered systems. Regular checks ensure a longer duration of the plant over time and a minimum probability of machine downtime with consequential savings in resources.

B.S.G. provides after-sales assistance for the machinery through specialized personnel. Various maintenance formulas are available to its customers, allowing any resolutive replacements or repairs to take place within a short space of time.

The B.S.G. technical department also provides personalized advice regarding production cycles, the mix design of the concrete used, the setting of the concrete batching plant and in general for the organization of the production of a plant.


B.S.G.’s normal production process integrates with tailor-made solutions, aimed at optimizing costs, maximizing the quality of the finished product and paying close attention to saving energy costs, while accompanying you throughout all phases of the project.


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B.S.G. deals with formwork for power lines, foundations, pillars, lighting and the various equipment that make up the complete system, accompanying you throughout all stages of the process:


Let’s grow together!

The company’s professional experience is the result of a mixture of knowledge and synergies between its founding partners and ABC Sopren, the Padua-based company which since the 1970s has been producing foundation pillars, poles for overhead lines, centrifuged reinforced concrete sheet piles and formwork for poles. Our experience to grow together!