Who we are

Integrated Solutions for Centrifuged Reinforced/Prestressed Concrete Poles

BSG was founded in 2005 and has been designing and managing all phases of the production, installation, start-up and maintenance of turnkey systems for the construction of centrifuged reinforced/Prestressed concrete poles. The company’s professional experience is the result of a mixture of knowledge and synergies between its founding members and ABC Sopren, the Padua-based company, that has been producing pilots for foundations, aerial poles, centrifuged reinforced concrete sheet piles (c.l.s) and formwork for poles, since the 1970s. The services offered are complete, tested and meet all customer needs. BSG manufactures formworks and the various equipment that make up the complete system, such as: spinning machine, concrete distributors, formwork handling carriages, dismantling device, spiraling machines and stirrups for the preparation of metal reinforcements of centrifugal poles. Each piece produced is subject to verification and analysis in compliance with industry standards and certifications. The BSG production network allows a continuous collaboration with its customers. The normal production process is integrated with tailor-made solutions, with a view to optimizing costs, maximizing the quality of the finished product and attention to saving energy.




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