B.S.G.’s normal production process integrates with tailor-made solutions, aimed at optimizing costs, maximizing the quality of the finished product and paying close attention to saving energy costs, while accompanying you throughout all phases of the project.


Dream big
We’re by your side

B.S.G. deals with formwork for power lines, foundations, pillars, lighting and the various equipment that make up the complete system, accompanying you throughout all stages of the process:

◎ Design
◎ Production
◎ Installation
◎ Launching
◎ Maintenance

Let’s grow together!

The company’s professional experience is the result of a mixture of knowledge and synergies between its founding partners and ABC Sopren, the Padua-based company which since the 1970s has been producing foundation pillars, poles for overhead lines, centrifuged reinforced concrete sheet piles and formwork for poles. Our experience to grow together!

Customer collaboration BSG Meccanica concrete poles