Custom Plants

The BSG production model is flexible, customizable and with a focus on individual production needs, both present and future.

These BSG custom plants can manage the production of prestressed or reinforced concrete poles for transmission and distribution power lines, as well as the design of foundation piles and pillars. Regardless of variables such as shape, length and the dimension of the piles.
The processing in the company are highlighted by the precision, an essential factor to guarantee a greater resistance of the concrete and tighter tolerances of the manufactured articles.

BSG poles can be tapered, or with a constant cross-section, hollow inside and with a uniform thickness.
The processing with the lowest water / cement ratio makes it possible to increase the final strength of the concrete without compromising its compactness and adhesion to the sheet steel of the internal steel formwork.

The formworks, on the other hand, have circular, square, hexagonal, octagonal and decorative shapes.